Estate Agents

In a poll undertaken by a respected mortgage broker, over half of the landlords and property owners who took part were looking to increase the size of their property portfolios within 6 months. Good news for Estate Agents then. However, over three quarters of them wanted the lenders they approach to be much more helpful in supporting their efforts; and in particular, they want lenders to ease the criteria that govern the loans they apply for.

Faced with such intense interest in property expansion, fuelled no doubt by the rapid rise in rental demand, you’ll have no shortage of potential clients.

What you will have perhaps, are clients that need a short term loan to get that property purchase over the finish line.

West One Loans is looking to create key partnerships with Estate Agents like you to help your clients expand their property portfolios. We have a keen appetite to lend and the funds to provide that much needed loan. From £30,000 up to £10M.

So what’s in it for you?

  • Introducer bonus payments.
  • Bonuses paid instantly on loan completion
  • Immediate decision on loans
  • Much needed funds could be delivered as fast as 48 hours depending on case circumstances.

We’ll give your clients the breathing space they need.

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