When to use a Bridging Loan?

There are myriad uses for a Bridging Loan including:

  • Buying a second property before selling the first
  • Buying to let or at auction
  • Property development or refurbishment: for building or upgrading residential, commercial and industrial units before you have the full capital available
  • Business funds: your business needs short term working capital
  • Temporary cash flow problems: when you require cash urgently
  • Tax Liabilities: finance those unexpected tax payments
  • Land Purchase: with or without planning permission
  • Meeting transaction deadlines.
  • Borrowing against value as opposed to purchase price
  • Raising more capital by securing the debt against numerous properties
  • When interest needs to be deducted with no monthly payments to be made

Why work with West One Loans?

In many cases, businesses or individuals need liquidity in order to function at their peak. The crucial advantage of obtaining a bridging loan with West One Loans is the time you’ll save from application to approval. West One is willing to consider any property owner for a loan and will ensure:

  • Speed of decision
  • Help you formulate a clear exit strategy
  • Transparency of process
  • Secured loans for business purposes
  • Access to capital for you - quickly
  • Up to 70% LTV
  • Fast, agile and flexible
  • Lending based on value of security – not ability to pay
  • No age restrictions
  • Widest proposition using custom designed products
  • Deep pockets and diverse forms of lending
  • No cap to funding opportunities
  • Unlimited funding lines
  • Funds on tap – not time specific

What about the Risk?

Bridging loans can be more expensive than conventional finance, but can also mean the difference between survival and potentially losing all capital invested to date.

A West One Loan will prove invaluable for many property owners simply because of the speed of our decision making and funding.

Call us today to see how we can help your property portfolio grow.

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