Why take out a Bridging Loan?

A bridging loan is an excellent short term solution when typical funding routes are not available or extended credit is hard to come by.

  • Ageism: regardless of their net worth or their sound financial history, many potential borrowers find their loan applications are declined, simply because of their age.
  • Self-employed status: a self-employed status can often result in a declined loan application as main stream lenders tend to look at circumstances rather than looking at earnings. 
  • A poor credit record: anyone with a poor credit record, no matter what the reason, can often find themselves short of funding options. A bridging loan can provide the breathing space until a longer term solution is found.
  • Short term, fast lending: There are times
    when a conventional mortgage just
    cannot be arranged in a given time frame,
    such as an auction purchase for example.
    Traditional lending routes simply cannot cope
    with the demands of such fast funding whereas
    a bridging loan is designed to do exactly that.

West One Loans is willing to consider anyone who is a property owner and in most cases a decision will be given in under a minute!  Apply here

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