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Setting up a short term loan can be a complex task, after all, there are often many factors to consider. With that in mind, we have produced this guide to help give you a quick overview of our products. However, please remember this is for guidance only. We may consider circumstances outside of this guide so always call us directly to discuss your particular requirement. Other terms and conditions may also apply.

Residential Loan

1st Charge Bridging

LTV up to 74%/75%

Rates From 0.95% per month

Minimum Loan £30,000

Maximum Loan £10m

Residential Loan

2nd Charge Bridging

LTV up to 70%

Rates From 1.1% per month

Minimum Loan £50,000

Maximum Loan £10m

Commercial Loan

1st Charge Only

LTV up to 65%

Rates From 1.2% per month

General Product Details


England and Wales

We lend nationwide, secured on property located circa 25 miles of a major city centre or 10 miles from a small city centre


City centre only, subject to a maximum 50% LTV


Arrangement Fee

2% of the total facility, split 50/50 with the introducer, deducted from the loan on completion

Admin Fee

From £399 per property, deducted from the loan on completion

Valuation fee

Variable, dependent upon property value, payable directly to the valuer

Legal fees

Variable, dependent upon loan size, transaction type, deducted on completion

Audit attendance fee

£350 per property

Title Indemnity related fees

Variable, dependent upon loan size and type of property, deducted from the loan on completion


Loans to individuals

Loans to UK Limited Companies

Personal Guarantees are required for Directors and 20%+ shareholders. A Debenture is also required

Minimum Age of Applicant


Maximum Age of Applicant


*applicants over 65 are considered on a case by case basis

Credit Profile

Clean credit, however we may consider some adverse credit on a case by case basis

Minimum term

1 month

Maximum term

12 months*
*In some circumstances, we may consider lending for a term of up to 3 years – please enquire for further information

Unacceptable Criteria

  • Properties determined by the valuer as unacceptable security for bridging lending
  • Land without planning permission
  • Land with planning for commercial use
  • Concrete construction
  • Football clubs/grounds/training grounds
  • Steel frame construction – excludes new build property
  • Ex Local Authority flats, (ex-local authority houses are acceptable where 50% or more of the immediate vicinity is in private ownership)
  • Flats above food premises
  • Properties with restrictive covenants regarding occupancy
  • Shared ownership
  • Nightclubs/Adult entertainment
  • Equestrian Centres
  • Golf clubs
  • Care homes/Nursing homes
  • Places of worship
  • Freehold flats or maisonettes
  • Properties less than 10 years old without NHBH/Zurich guarantees or architect’s certificate

Monthly Payments

Interest will be deducted for the term of the loan on completion. Where applicants wish to service the loan monthly, evidence of affordability will be needed. For example. the last 3 month’s bank statements and payslips.


We will instruct our solicitors to act on our behalf, and the costs are payable by the applicants. Applicants are required to instruct their own solicitors, who must be registered with the Law Society and have a minimum of two partners in the firm. Applicants must attend their solicitor in person with a minimum of two utility bills (excluding mobile telephone bills) dated within the last 3 months and a valid passport.

Audit Attendance

We will instruct our agent to attend the property and meet with the applicant(s). Our agent will also inspect the property and provide a report to us.


We will normally instruct the valuation. We do not add any fees to the valuer’s fee – this is paid by the applicant directly to the valuer. We will ask the valuer to calculate the value on the Special Assumption of exchange and completion within 180 days.

Exit Route

We require every loan to have a satisfactory detailed exit route.

Second Charges

  • In most cases, we will require consent from the 1st Mortgagee
  • In some cases, we will require a Deed of Priority
  • The maximum loan to value will be calculated based on the gross loan from West One plus the current valid redemption figure from 1st Mortgagee, and not the outstanding balance.
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