Stephen: A day in the life.


Wake up and go to the gym, while my wife Gabby takes our dog Jake for a walk. I like to fit in a workout before I start the day, because you never know what plans may arise that evening, and too often I have not had a chance to fit it in. I scan through my emails and attempt to plan my day out


If I’m not meeting a client for breakfast or viewing a property, I’ll grab a coffee and a croissant and head straight into the office, taking my third call of the day. My time is split between liaising with new brokers, bringing in new business and heading up the loan management side of the company.


Board Meeting with all the directors to run through completions and discuss new loan enquiries. There is constant pressure to manage the loan portfolio effectively in order to ensure our credit risk is kept to a minimum.


Lunch. Usually at my desk, following up emails and returning phone calls I missed during the meeting earlier.


A new borrower has approached us and we need to act fast. Responding to new enquiries must be quick and decisive. I enjoy handling these projects. Every loan is different, each having a unique story to support it. It's exciting and fast paced. The property market is an ever changing culture and you have to keep up to stay above the rest.

I really enjoy what I do and am truly passionate about what we have achieved here at West One.  It's just a matter of not falling off the treadmill.


Dinner with a broker.



Stephen is one of the founding directors of West One Loans.

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