One Client. Four Products.



Whether your project is a heavy refurbishment, permitted development conversion, or full ground-up development, most developers will need finance to fund the works. There are many products on the market that you can utilise to get your project through the various stages of development to completion and ready for sale.

It can be common for developers to utilise different lenders throughout the property lifecycle; however, this is prone to causing;

  1. Additional stress
  2. The additional time when deadlines are already tight
  3. Extra costs to the project

We were able to work with our client throughout their construction journey by providing four separate products, all through West One, which allowed them to convert a vacant two-storey office block into nine residential dwellings seamlessly.

Once the development was complete, we provided a second bridge so they could repay the development finance loan whilst the sale of the new residential units was going through.

Once the sales of some of the units were completed, the client was able to refinance on to a Buy-to-Let loan for the remainder of the properties.

The Client

The client were established property developers with experience working for national housebuilders. See how we helped them through their development project with seamless financial support throughout.




Bridging Loan

Loan amount: £320k
LTV: 64.65%

In April 2018, we assisted the borrower by raising money secured over the site which, at the time, comprised of a vacant two-storey office block covering 9,200 sq. ft. The client purchased the site for £530k in October 2017 and subsequently obtained planning permission to build 9 residential dwellings. The borrower used the funds to begin the development project.



Development Finance

Total gross facility - £1.7m
LTGDV – 65%
Day one loan amount: £260,810
Day one LTV: 52.7%

In September 2018, the client refinanced on to our development finance facility. The money was used to repay the bridge and to provide the borrower with funds to continue with the development of the 9 residential dwellings, in line with the planning permission. The total gross development facility was £1.78m with £260k allocated on day one to refinance the existing bridging finance facility and £1.3m allocated to funding the build. It was modelled that LTV would never exceed 71% based on expected monthly drawdowns.









Bridging Loan (Development Exit)

Loan amount - £983k
LTV – 56.24%

In March 2020, once the development had completed, the borrower then refinanced onto a bridge. At the point of the refinance, the borrower had sold 3 of the plots, thereby reducing their exposure with Development Finance. The remaining 6 were on the market and were refinanced onto the Bridge. Throughout the term of the second bridge, the borrower sold off a further 3 plots.










Loan amount - £667,590
LTV – 69.9%

In March 2021, the client refinanced the final 3 units onto to a buy-to-let mortgage with us, which allowed them to rent the remaining residential dwellings, bringing in some income but also repaying the bridging loan and reducing the borrower’s overall cost of finance.

See below details of each loan provided to the client:


Type of Loan Loan Amount Property Value LTV / LTGDV Loan Term Facility Term
Bridge £320k £495k 64% LTV 12 4
Development Finance Day One - £260k
Gross Facility £1.7m
52% LTV
18 18
Development Finance Exit Bridge £983k £1.7m 56% LTV 12 11
Buy-to-Let £668k £955k 69% LTV 25  


Benefits Of One Lender

We specialise in creating integrated lending solutions across the property investment lifecycle, encompassing acquisition, planning, development and sale.

West One has a range of products that gives our customers a fast transition from one type of finance to another. Using just one lender for all your finance needs is cost-saving, time-saving, and makes gives you a more streamlined service, especially when you need more than one product to get you from idea to sale.

Client Results

The client was able to obtain different types of finance much faster and easier by staying with West One. Our team of experts worked together ensuring seamless transitions through the products.

This gave the client peace of mind whilst also avoiding delays and additional costs that can occur when using different lenders for different phases of a project.



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