West One is funded by our bank of 'elective professionals' or 'professional clients' that includes individuals, pension funds, family offices, charity funds etc who select specific loans which they wish to invest.

Investing via the West One platform is for UK based residents and UK registered companies only.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance and your capital is at risk in each investment.

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Collective Investment Scheme

West One Loan operates as an Unauthorised Collective Investment Scheme that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Small Authorised UK Alternative Investment Fund Manager.

What do we do……

We bring together borrowers in need of short term lending with funding investors who are willing to lend on residential or commercial property.

Investor Flexibility…..

Our investors select the specific loans they want to contribute to, rather than investing in a fund which is then allocated to underwritten loans. Investors can therefore manage exposure, asset allocation and risk profile.

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