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Why choose a second charge mortgage?

A second charge mortgage can be used for a variety of loan purposes. If your client needs to raise extra cash for a specific reason, without disturbing their existing mortgage arrangements, it can be the ideal choice.

  • Avoid early redemption charges

    Remortgaging can incur significant costs if early redemption charges apply.
  • Retain low rates

    By remortgaging, your client may well lose the benefit of a competitive rate of interest. However, our second charge mortgages allow them to continue reaping their rewards whilst meeting additional borrowing needs.
  • Avoid disturbing interest-only mortgages

    Take the second charge route and your client can retain their interest-only mortgage.
  • Benefit from a flexible approach

    Those with poorer credit ratings or more complex borrowing needs may hit a brick wall when considering other financing options. However, our door is open to a wider range of borrowers.
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