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Our product is designed for small and medium-sized developers who are underserved by high street and private banks. We transact quickly and efficiently on greenfield projects, new build residential developments, and brownfield major renovations and conversions.

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Key product features

  • £1m to £7.5m loan sizes
  • Initial loan-to-value up to 70%
  • Loan-to-cost up to 85%
  • Loan-to-GDV up to 65%
  • Up to 100% of build costs
  • Terms up to 24 months
  • 30 units or less of up to £1.5m value per unit

Where and when we will lend

  • Properties in England and Wales
  • Residential and mixed-use developments
  • Developers who have completed at least two similar projects
  • Sole traders, Ltd Companies, and LLPs
  • No missed payments in the last 12 months
  • No CCJs over £1,000 in the last three years

A one stop shop for specialist finance

We’ve proudly helped many clients with every financial phase of a property’s development. For example, some have acquired a plot of land through a West One bridging loan, and then started to build with the help of our development finance. We can then support developers to sell at the right price with a ‘development exit’ bridge.

Whatever the scenario, we offer bespoke solutions to help property developers get from site identification through to sale or rental.

Gain a broad view with our
small business guide

You might be a small business or individual developing properties that you’ll eventually sell or rent. Maybe you’ve had a cash windfall or need to expand your current business.

Whatever your situation, our Small Business Guide to Property Finance takes a detailed look at the various types of funding available for smaller property developers and semi-professional landlords – advising how you can best enter the exciting world of property development.

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