Funding the future

Working together to support carbon neutrality and a sustainable property market.  


We know that here at West One we are one influential part of an ever-changing property finance and housing market. Our green products represent West One’s attempt to have a positive impact on sustainability and carbon reduction within our industry.

We are just one part of the puzzle, and we cannot change the whole market alone. But we feel we have a responsibility to make a positive impact where we can and we hope our broker partners and customers are equally focused on reducing climate impact and improving sustainability for future generations



Our Green Product Range

Green Buy-to-Let product:

We offer products at lower price points for customers with low EPC properties:

  • Green products available for Standard Property types 
  • Available for properties with an EPC rating



Second Charge Buy-to-Let mortgage product:

We are delighted to have been the first lender to launch a green product into the second charge mortgage market.

  • Green products are available for professional and private landlords
  • Available for properties with an EPC rating 


Why now? 

At West One we believe that our actions today drive the creation of the future we wish to achieve. Our firm’s ESG policy and plan are core to our mission and help drive our strategies – small changes now will make a big difference in the future. Offering green products to incentivise more energy efficient properties is a natural extension of our internal ESG policy and aims to deliver a wider market impact. 


How are we making a difference? 

We are working with Gold Standard to offset carbon in projects across the globe and in developing communities.

For every product completion within the Buy-to-Let Green range, West One will offset one tonne of carbon for the Utsil Naj - healthy homes for all in Guatemala project.

For every 10 product completions within the Buy-to-Let Second charge green range, West One will offset one ton of carbon for the Utsil Naj - healthy homes for all in Guatemala project.