West One buy-to-let added to PRIMIS Mortgage Network lender panel

West One Loans has been appointed to the PRIMIS Mortgage Network panel in a move which will boost the lender’s ambition to be the ‘go-to option’ for brokers in the buy-to-let space.

As one of the largest non-bank lenders in the UK, West One being appointed to PRIMIS’ panel is a key step in its growth strategy for 2021 as it continues to open up its proposition to networks and mortgage clubs.

PRIMIS is a leading mortgage network providing advisers with world class support. The technology, innovation, experience and broad product panel at the heart of the network helps advisers to achieve their business goals and deliver positive, appropriate customer outcomes.

West One buy-to-let managing director Andrew Ferguson said the launch makes its offering more accessible to mortgage brokers.

He said: “Being appointed to the PRIMIS network panel is a fantastic step. We’re delighted to join the panel of one of the largest and most well-known networks in the country. It’s a great endorsement of our buy-to-let product and will provide greater choice in the market as more of PRIMIS’ large range of brokers now have direct access to the West One range.

“The buy-to-let market is in a really good place right now, with a lot of opportunity for landlords and developers who will be looking to specialist lenders to help them achieve their ambitions.

“Extending our distribution through mortgage clubs and networks has been a central part of our growth strategy for the buy-to-let business this year and working with PRIMIS’ extensive network of brokers will put us in the best place to fulfil those growth plans.

“It’s our mission to ensure our specialist BTL proposition becomes a go-to option for an increasing number of brokers, so we look forward to working with PRIMIS to achieve that.”

PRIMIS has more than 2,500 brokers enjoying the benefits of its extensive network.

Vikki Jefferies, proposition director at PRIMIS said: “We’re really pleased to announce the appointment of West One to our panel of lenders, further strengthening our offering for brokers with landlord and developer clients.

“West One is the perfect fit for the PRIMIS network, with a really strong buy-to-let proposition. The quality of service, underwriting and appetite for lending that West One brings will make it an appealing option for our brokers.

“We have remained committed to supporting brokers through the pandemic, including continuous updates to our award-winning CRM platform, Toolbox, and 24/7 assistance offered via our Product Desk or Virtual Experts page. This partnership is another step as we look to expand our offering for more complex cases to provide our brokers with an unrivalled level of support.

“We look forward to working with Andrew and his team in developing this opportunity and bringing West One’s proposition to life with our mortgage network members.”

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