Bridging & Commercial: Power List 2023 - Matthew Watson

Business Development Manager, Bridging & Buy-to-Let, West One Loans

Matt is described as always making himself contactable to both to his internal and external customers and showing a high level of determination. For a £128,000 loan, it was Matt's broader understanding of the property market and credit risk that enabled West One to alter its unusual process and requirements to get a regulated bridging loan completed in just four days from submission to pay-out.

The specific challenges with this case were the strict timeframe that he had for completion, making full valuations and legal due diligence tough. Nonetheless, Matt was able to find a solution that worked for both West One and the client, allowing the loan to complete in time.

One broker said they saw Matt as "an extension of their own business", knowing he is just as keen to get loans completed for their clients as they are and is always striving for shorter turnaround times and improving SLA's-not only at West One, but setting the standard for the industry as a whole.

Brokers can count on Matt to deliver and is part of the reason why one introducer goes to West One for their ultra-time sensitive and complex deals, stating that "nothing is ever too much trouble", and they can rely on him to always pick up the phone-even if it means to have a difficult conversation.  

When Matt is approached for terms, brokers know these won't change unless something outside their control happens, which wasn't know at the outset. This is due to his apt ability to analyse a deal on day one and his in-depth knowledge of criteria, meaning he understands West One's credit risk appetite inside out and exactly where they are comfortably at in terms of LTV and rate. 

Matt is trusted to present the deal possible light, understanding every intricacy of the case and the client's objective, so a workable solution can be reached for all parties.

Publishes in Bridging & Commercial, Issue 25 Jan/Feb 2023 - p.48

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