Residential solution to borrower with complex circumstances

This case study demonstrates how West One’s flexible approach and manual underwriting allowed the team to fully understand the requirements for the borrower.

  • Product
    Residential Mortgages
  • Loan value
  • Property Value

  • LTV
  • Rate
  • Loan term 
    30 Years 
  • Application to completion:
    22 Days

The Client


Residential homeowner and the mortgages already in place was coming to the end of term, moving away from interest only mortgage, and looking to consolidate some unsecured debt. 

The applicant was a single applicant who had an interest only mortgage with their existing lender. The fixed rate had matured and the lender in question was only allowing it to continue on an interest only basis moving to the Standard Variable Rate.

The maximum Loan-to-Incomes with other specialist lenders meant the existing loan couldn’t be repaid, let alone capital raise to pay-off other existing debt. Due to the applicant nearing retirement age, they needed a lender who could lend into older age using applicants earned income, as opposed to the pathway of ‘pension income only’. 

The applicant was also looking to consolidate personal debt, which was being maintained, but was becoming more challenging by the day. The applicant saw an opportunity to consolidate into one monthly payment. 

Overall affordability calculations used by other specialist lenders meant that they would re-factor the debt being consolidated back into affordability checks, and when doing so, the required total loan was failing max Debt-to-Income meaning the applicant was being refused the mortgage

The mortgage was for a single applicant, aged 54, and as such needed a lender which could lend to a borrower to the oldest age possible, ideally into her 80s. A shorter term product would have meant they would not meet the necessary affordability requirements, and would not be able to secure a suitable product.

The applicant was also looking to utilise the re-mortgage for additional debt consolidation. The unsecured debt was an increasing burden for the applicant who wanted the debt in question to be paid off as soon as possible.

West One’s flexible approach and manual underwriting allowed the team to fully understand the requirements for the borrower. The broad criteria and dedication to supporting those underserved by the high-street meant West One could assist.

Lending to the applicants when the term extends past retirement age, helps with affordability challenges. This individual needed that extended loan to reduce the monthly payments and spread across more years.

By making use of the “Flex” option on our Prime Plus product tier, the applicant achieved the minimum income requirement of £50k and because the required loan worked on our affordability model, we were able to achieve the LTI required.

The client was looking to consolidate existing personal debt. As a non-credit scoring lender that doesn’t apply max Debt-to-Loan ratios, and does not re-factor debt being consolidated back into overall affordability, it meant the applicant could meet the necessary affordability checks. 

Product choice. Our flexible criteria meant the applicant had a suitable product they could move onto. Coupling with the West One manual underwriting approach, meant the team understood what the applicant was trying to achieve.

Automated credit scoring would mean the applicant may have been declined, as a result having to stay with their current lender on an interest only basis on a SVR, along with their additional personal debt payments still in the background.

West One fast-track legal service starts earlier than other lenders whose legal services start at the point an offer,  meaning the applicant is having to cope with the unsecured debt for a much longer period post offer until the case completes. 



Utilising the fast-track legal services from West One meant the outstanding unsecured debt was quickly repaid lifting the financial burden from the shoulders of the applicant in just 22 business days from application submission to completion.


Client Testimonial


The broker says his client is "over the moon". He said she claims to have slept better since completing on the new mortgage with West One than she has for several years, and literally can't stop phoning him to say thank you!