West One launches new limited edition five-year fixed rate products for landlords

West One Loans has launched a new range of limited edition five-year fixed rates products for landlords.

The Limited-Edition five-year fixed 75% W1 range begins at 6.24% for landlords with standard properties.

The range also includes products for specialist landlords with pricing starting at 6.84% for large HMOs (multiple occupation) or MUBs (multi-unit blocks).

The other two products in the range cater for holiday let and expat purchases, and are priced from 6.79% and 6.94% respectively.

Andrew Ferguson, Managing Director of Buy-to-Let (West One Loans), said: "We are delighted to offer a comprehensive range of new, competitively priced five-year fixed rate products.

"It gives brokers and their clients an even greater array of options and ensures that we are offering landlords as much choice and flexibility as we can.

"Our breadth of products and services is always under close review and we will endeavour to make positive, responsible changes whenever possible. 

"We hope these new additions benefit landlords at both ends of the market and highlight our commitment to supporting their changing borrowing needs."

For more information on the new rates, visit: www.westoneloans.co.uk/buy-to-let-mortgages or contact the West One BTL team. 

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