Complicated portfolio cases – what we do best

When an urgent need for finance arises and you have a property you can utilise as security, bridging finance can be an easy and quick option.

But it can become more complicated when you need a larger loan and own a large portfolio of properties that you intend to use as security. This case study demonstrates how we navigated a complex portfolio case to secure our client a £5m bridging loan.


  • Loan value
  • LTV
  • Development value
  • Loan term
    12 months 


The client

The client was an experienced property developer and repeat borrower with West One.

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The client needed to refinance an existing charge that was imminently expiring and needed additional funds for capital expenditure.

The security was owned by the borrower as part of a large, complicated portfolio. The portfolio was a mix of residential, commercial and industrial assets which all required separate valuations.

The borrower was under time pressure to refinance adding a further layer of complexity. Despite all of this, we completed the refinance in 5 working days.

The most suitable form of finance, in this case, was a bridging loan.

The client had a mixed portfolio comprising of 7 industrial units, 4 retail units, 3 self-contained residential flats and 1 single dwelling house, each needed its own valuation.

The team worked extremely hard to ensure the valuations went as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

They worked with the client to gather all the information needed to propel the case forward, including constant communication between the valuers and the client.

This borrower came to West One as they had worked with us before.

They knew we could deliver and were very aware of our speed and consistency of service.


The team acted with urgency and flexibility. The client was spared a lot of stress due to the speed of completion. In addition to the refinance, we were also able to raise additional funds that allowed the borrower to undertake important refurbishment works on the property, all in just 5 working days.