Refurbishment bridging loan completed in 3 working days

Bridging loans are an ideal when time is of the essence as borrowers can access funding within days given that they are able to fit lender criteria and provide the lender with all of the information needed to get approval.

This case study demonstrates West One’s speed at all stages during the application process were thoroughly navigated through by experts who were required in order to get the case over the line.

The team’s ability to collaborate with one another allowed for the underwriting process to run smoothly and quickly and the client was able to secure a deal worth £135,000 in just 3 working days.

  • Loan value
  • LTV
  • Rate
  • Loan term
    12 months

The Client


The client was familiar with West One and has completed deals with them in the past. Repeat borrowers are always welcomed as West One enjoy collaborating and developing existing relationships with clients.


This can also have an impact when trying to complete a case in timely fashion, as familiarity between all parties can make the process even more efficient.


The client has a history of refurbishing properties, and typically puts them up for sale when the work is complete and at its usual high standard.


Completed In: 3 days

The client needed a bridging loan as an exit strategy for a previous loan while also requiring additional funds to complete refurbishment of a 3-bedroom mid-terrace house. The client needed funds as soon as possible as a deposit was required in order to secure a refurbishment start date.

Any delay on the payment could have resulted in the client needing to wait for the contractor’s next available date, which would make the situation even more challenging.

The returning client was able to take advantage of West One’s smooth and efficient service and complete the deal in just 3-days due to the familiarity both parties had with each other.

To minimise any obstacles that could present itself in this case, West One’s risk team reviewed the application and helped to navigate the case’s underwriting process. A valuation of the property was instructed during the case and provided details at a quick rate, while a solicitor that West One closely work with was also involved in order to get sufficient details needed to get this deal over the line.

All parties involved were able to work closely together throughout each stage of the cases process and were able to minimise any delays to ensure that the case could be completed within the tight timeframe.


With West One, the internal parties involved as well as any external solicitors have experience working together and completing cases, meaning in this situation the collaboration among all parties played a massive factor in getting this deal completed in time.

Throughout all stages of this case, from the underwriting, valuation and any solicitor work, all parties were able to navigate through the complexities of the case and ensure that the client was able to receive their funding as quickly as possible.



The client was able to secure a refurbishment date as they received the funds within 3 working days. The loan term was 12-months and the client received £135,000, 27.44% LTV.