Bridge to Let Loans

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  Bridge To Let
<50% Fixed 2 / 3 Year Term **
<65% Fixed 2 / 3 Year Term **
<70% N/A
<75% N/A
Minimum Term  
Maximum Term  
Minimum Loan Size £30,000
Maximum Loan Size N/A***
Rental Coverage 100%
ERC 6% / 5% / 4%
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What is a Bridge to Let Loan?

We can offer First or Second Charge bridge to let loans on most residential properties in the United Kingdom.

A bridge to let loan is often used when there is a gap in financing that needs filling quickly.

Bridge to Let Loan Product Features

  • Nationwide
  • Interest charged with a 1 month minimum
  • A maximum of 3 months interest can be retained on Bridge to Let loans 
  • Adverse credit can be considered on a case by case basis

Securities that we lend on 

  • Residential property
  • First and Second Charge security
  • Investment property
  • Multiple occupation (such as HMOs)

Who we lend to for a Bridge to let Loan

  • Individuals
  • Limited companies
  • Unlimited companies
  • LTDs
  • PLCs
  • Offshore special purpose vehicles (SPV)
  • Trusts

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