Bridge to let loans

Our range of bridging loans aimed specifically at the buy-to-let market. The fixed term loan is used to secure a property that will be rented out, but where the landlord doesn’t have a mortgage organised. The borrower’s exit strategy will be to refinance onto a conventional Buy-to-let mortgage.

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Key product features

  • Available nationwide
  • Interest charged with a 1 month minimum retained
  • A maximum of 3 months interest can be retained 
  • Adverse credit considered on a case-by-case basis

Bridge to Let

Loan feature
2nd Charge
Loan-to-value <50% Fixed 2/3 year term 0.85%
  <65% Fixed 2/3 year term 0.95%
  <70% N.A. 1.00%
  <75% N.A. N.A.
Minimum term 2 years 1 month
Maximum term 3 years 12 month
Minimum loan size £30,000 £30,000
Maximum loan size £2.5m N.A.*
Rental coverage 100% -
ERC 6% / 5% / 4% 4%

Where and when we will lend

  • Residential properties
  • First and second charge security
  • Investment property
  • Multiple occupation (such as HMOs)
  • Individuals and trusts
  • Limited and unlimited companies, as well as PLCs
  • Offshore special purpose vehicles (SPV)
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Cut through the red tape with our hassle-free application process. We can typically confirm almost immediately whether your client’s application is likely to be successful.

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