£1.04m bridging required for land purchase completed in 8-working days


The property market can be unpredictable at times, and a client may find themselves in a position where they need to find a quick funding solution to purchase property or land.

In this recent case completion, West One demonstrated the value of having an adaptable and experienced internal team as well as partnerships with valuers and solicitors who are comfortable in dealing with scenarios where speed is essential to completing a deal.

  • Loan value
  • Property Value
    Property One 1st Charge: £1.6m

  • LTV
  • Rate
  • Loan term 
  • Application to completion:
    8-working days

The Client


The client has experience in purchasing land and selling with the benefit of planning.

Freehold property (former public house) with associated land (property has planning permission for four apartments and pub/restaurant with associated parking.

The land has planning permission for 3 no. 5-berdroom detached dwellings with associated parking.)

The client required our funds to repay an existing charge on the security of £267k and use the remaining funds to purchase another plot of land. 

Their initial payment plan broke down on the day of completion, leaving them in a complicated position as a delay in funding could have led to the deal collapsing.

The security was complex as it was a semi-commercial property with residential and commercial elements as well as additional land with planning permission, making it a challenging case. Some lenders may have opted away from a complex deal like this due to the tight timeframe and the nature of the property.

The team specifically requested a valuer who had the capacity to inspect the property and produce a report within 3 working days.
The team had to refer the valuation to the internal asset management team to ensure that the property associated with land with planning was viable and that the client would be able to achieve a sale within our loan term for repayment.

Once the asset management team were comfortable with the details regarding the property, they were able to work around the complexities presented. They worked closely and kept in regular contact with the client to ensure funds were delivered and the case was handled quickly.

The team also ensured that the solicitor used for this case had the capacity to complete the deal as quickly as possible. West One completed this case in just 8 working days.

West One added value in a case that required quickness and assurance for the client, ensuring they would have the funding needed to repay the existing loan and purchase the new asset.

All parties that were involved were specialists in dealing with complex cases and were comfortable with following the process with speed and agility.

West One’s service and unique approach to credit risk was essential, as they provided help to a client with a complex case where other lenders may have stayed away. The client received the funding and met the tight deadline.



The client was able to secure a bridging loan with 64.94% LTV, the finance was provided within 8-working days allowing them to continue with their refurbishment project.