Bridging loan for refurbishment secured in just 7-working days


Even the most experienced property investors with previous refurbishment and sale experience can find themselves in pressurized scenarios where they require a quick financial solution.

Bridging loans are flexible in their nature, therefore as long as a borrower can provide the right security behind an application, a suitable exit strategy, and any required legal documents, they could receive the finances in a short-time frame allowing them to overcome their specific challenges.

This case study not only demonstrates West One’s ability to adapt and get comfortable around deals in short-time frames, but also how their approach can be flexible in allowing borrowers to secure finance using multiple properties, as such, in this case a borrower used three properties in order to secure a bridging loan.

  • Loan value
  • Property Value
    Property One 1st Charge: £182,000
    Property Two 1st Charge: £190,000
    Property Three Equitable Charge: £417,000

  • LTV
  • Rate
  • Loan term 
  • Application to completion:
    7 days

The Client


The client was an experienced property investor, with a successful history in purchase, refurbishment, and sale.  

A freehold detached house extending to 17,188 square feet with an in-door swimming pool located within a secure gated compound.

The client found an opportunity to purchase an undervalued property, the plan was to raise capital to refurbish the property and put it up for sale once it was ready.

The client’s initial financial plan was no longer a viable option and therefore they suddenly required funding in a short timeframe. 

The funds were required quickly as a delay in payment could have caused further complications on completing the refurbishment, therefore the client needed to raise capital quickly. 

It was agreed that three properties would be used for security, which allowed the team to be more comfortable with the case overall.

The risk team evaluated the details around the case an advised the case manager and underwriter throughout the process. It was understood from the beginning that fast deliverability was essential.

A solicitor capable of completing deals in short turnarounds was requested to help get this deal over the line. The team, client and all relevant parties remained in constant communication among one another, ensuring everyone was aware of the progress of the deal.

From enquiry to completion, the client and the team kept in regular communication, allowing everyone to fully understand the deal.

West One’s internal team and any partners, such as experienced solicitors, are always ready to take on challenging cases where speed and attention to detail is vital. Everyone worked together and provided guidance to one another, allowing the case to be completed within a matter of days. 



The client was able to secure a bridging loan with 50.81% LTV, the finance was provided within 7 working days allowing them to continue with their refurbishment project.