Flexibility key to complete 12-working day bridge worth £1m

Due to the short-term nature of a bridging loan, if something impacts a borrower’s initial exit strategy, it can be challenging to find another way to repay the loan before its term expires.
However, if the broker can find a lender that can act quickly and is experienced dealing with complex cases, the borrower can pay off the existing loan before it expires and avoid having to pay any expensive penalties.

In this case, the borrower was able to do just that thanks to the West One’s bridging team’s fast service and attention to detail ensuring there were no delays.
This demonstrates West One’s flexibility, hands-on approach, and experience in working on complex deals and getting them over the line.   Although there wasn’t a great deal of time to work on the case before its term ended, the team were still able to complete the loan before with time to spare.

  • Loan value
  • Property Value
  • LTV
  • Rate
  • Loan term 
    12 months

The Client


The client had taken out a bridging loan the year prior due to some unforeseen circumstances and initially planned to exit the loan through the sale of their residential property. However, the transaction of the property fell through, and the term of the initial loan was coming to an end.


Completed In: 12 working days

The client’s financial adviser was familiar with West One’s reputation of completing complex deals quickly and knew we were their client’s best option. 

The adviser contacted West One’s bridging team and explained the situation, emphasising the shortness of time available to get the deal done so borrower could avoid missing the repayment deadline.  

West One’s hands-on approach, fast and flexible service allows us to be more flexible when dealing with complex cases, when compared to many other lenders.

The deadline to repay the initial loan was tight and the client was unable to secure alternative funding due to complexities which affected their credit score.

West One initially had to get comfortable with the deal and therefore organised to meet with the client, the client’s solicitors, and financial adviser to gather a better insight to the details behind the case and to build trust with all parties involved.
There were some slight obstacles in the beginning of this case, for instance, the client’s solicitor was out of the country due to personal reasons. 

As West One understood that the deadline required to provide the funds was fast approaching the team agreed to have a virtual meeting rather than the standard face-to-face meeting in order to speed up the process.

Once all parties understood the nature of the situation, and West One had thoroughly explained all of the requirements needed to get this deal completed, a clear timeframe was established which gave the client and their advisors reassurance and clarification that the deal could be completed and that they could refinance their current deal with West One.

This case study demonstrates West One’s flexibility, speed and hands-on approach to providing solutions. Once the team met with the client, solicitor, and financial advisor, they were able to get comfortable with the situation and find out exactly what was required in order to complete the deal with the client.



The case was carried out and all parties kept in constant contact to ensure everyone was aware of the progress of the case.