Fast, dependable, reliable lending - £30m in 7 days


We’re one of the few lenders in the industry with the capability to write substantially large loans and part of an even smaller number that can write them extremely quickly, typically within days from application.  We are able to react quickly even if the funding request is high and the client’s deadline is imminent.  

This case study not only demonstrates West One's speed, agility, and serviceability to the client, but also how we're extremely experienced in dealing with large loans and completing them in an incredibly short time frame.

This case study focuses on an urgently needed bridging loan which was secured against a detached property in a gated community in London.

  • Loan value
  • LTV
  • Rate
  • Loan term 
    9 months 
  • Application to completion:
    7 days

The Client


The client is an entrepreneurial ultra-high net worth individual.

A freehold detached house extending to 17,188 square feet with an in-door swimming pool located within a secure gated compound.

The client was coming to the end of their term on an existing facility, but during the process of refinancing some unanticipated factors prevented them from being able to do so. They needed to find an immediate solution to meet a tight repayment deadline.

West One are known for being able to accommodate large loan deals, especially in unique circumstances where speed and deliverability are essential. 

The team's rich industry experience played a vital role in getting this deal completed within the exceptionally tight deadline. To completely understand the deal, the risk team assessed the situation surrounding the client, their property and facility which required full repayment.

Once they were comfortable with the details, they worked with an underwriter who was experienced in navigating deals of this size through the process with incredibly tight deadlines.

They chose a highly experienced solicitor who they’d worked closely with before and who was an expert in arranging facilities of this size with short turnaround times.

The whole of the West One team worked closely together understanding the need for speed and their expertise, and they reassured the client throughout the process by keeping in constant touch with them.

The team offered a seamless process whereby all involved parties have the capability to collaborate together and efficiently process large loan deals and meet tight deadlines. West One's experience in completing large deals with speed and agility allowed this one to complete in just 7 days.



The client received the finance needed to repay their current lender in full and on time.


West One's diverse and robust funding structures enables us to write large loans like this and allows us to go from application to completion in a very short period of time. In this case just 7-days.