£2.2m bridging loan in only 17 days over Christmas

Applying for finance can sometimes be daunting, so, when you need to raise funds and have been accepted for a loan it can ease a lot of worries.

Ensuring lender reliability has always been a topic of debate within the market, and unfortunately there are times where lenders will withdraw from a loan and change their minds at the last minute which can be devastating for the borrower, especially if they need to repay existing debt or have already begun their projects.

One of our clients found themselves in that situation and we stepped in to help.


  • Loan value
  • LTV
  • Development value
  • Loan term
    12 months 


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The client

The client was a discretionary trust.

22m bridging loan in only 17 days over Christmas

The applicants were looking to raise funds to purchase new horses, increase working capital, pay some tax bills and to settle some car finance.

They required a bridging loan over a single property to inject much-needed capital into the trust whilst the property was marketed for sale.

The applicants had found a lender who in the initial stages were happy to lend, but then later changed their mind and turned them down, as they were not fully confident when looking at the entire transaction.

This was a huge disappointment for the applicants, who needed another lender who would be willing to lend.

We were approached by the applicant’s broker, and after careful consideration was able to offer them the bridging loan they needed – and in just 17 days.

This was in December when many people were away, and companies can slow down. It would have completed earlier if it had not been for a last-minute delay with an outgoing trustee, and then getting paperwork back to the lawyer.

The BDM who was looking after the applicant’s case offered to arrange for rapid delivery of the signed documents during his day off to get their finance completed faster.

When it comes to bridging loans, West One are fast.

The industry average completion time for this type of finance is around 52 days, with this loan completing in just 17.

In addition, West One go the extra mile to make things happen, demonstrated by the BDM’s willingness to arrange a faster delivery of the documentation to the lawyers on his day off.


By coming to West One, the applicants were able to gain the finance they needed after being let down at the last minute. They were able to pay off some debt including tax bills and car finance, purchase the horse they required whilst leaving funds left to increase their working capital.