Providing a £7m funding for a sustainable development

With the world now taking sustainability much more seriously, it is no wonder that property development will start to change to keep up with these changes.

There are many ways that a developer can incorporate green elements into their projects and as a lender, we thoroughly support and encourage more developers to think about this very important issue.

This case study explains how we provided £7m funding to an environmentally conscious client, who was building a very large sustainable development in Merseyside.


  • Loan value
  • LTV
  • Development value
  • Loan term
    24 months (18-month build, 6-month sales period)


The client

These borrowers specialise in bespoke and sustainable projects with a lot of experience in residential developments.



After receiving planning permission, the clients needed a large development finance facility to start their sustainable housing project.

The development would consist of the construction of 29 four-bedroom houses (6 of these being affordable housing) in Liverpool.

The properties will be high-quality family homes built with sustainable materials with each unit totalling 47,007 sq foot including driveways and rear gardens.

This was a large development that needed a ground-up development finance facility.

We were very keen to support this project due to the large sustainability element.

We moved quickly using the team’s expert knowledge and speed of service to get their £7m loan application over the line.

By coming to West One the borrowers were instantly able to access our team of experts for guidance and to tap into their experience where needed.

Our robust underwriting team were quick to get the terms together, and the clients also benefitted from our in-house team of RICs surveyors.


Due to the team’s level of engagement, speed of service and skilled underwriting the application went through smoothly, and the £7m loan was approved.

This allowed the start of construction to commence on time. The clients were very pleased with the overall outcome and the service they received.