Non-UK Citizens living in the UK

West One does make its funding available to people who reside in the UK but are not citizens of this country, subject to being an experienced UK-based landlord for over 12 months and having a clean UK credit profile (for example, mortgage, bank account, credit card etc.).

Whether they are looking to buy additional properties, refinance their existing secured loans or need to raise funds against an existing portfolio, West One can typically help.

Non-UK citizens can access our entire product array if they’ve gained permanent residency rights (proof must be provided).

If they’re European and have been residents here for at least 36 months, they would also have access to our full products offering as long as they can provide proof of application to the EU settlement scheme (settled and pre-settled status).

Other foreign nationals living here without permanent residency status could still get a mortgage under one of our Buy-to-Let products.

Whether your client is a British Expat, non-UK citizen resident here or even living abroad, they can still apply for funding with West One. If they are looking to purchase an additional UK property, need to raise funds across an existing UK portfolio or refinance their current secured loans, please get in touch with one of our experts.

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