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UK Expats Living Abroad

British Expats move abroad for a variety of reasons. It could be the weather, cheaper cost of living or to be close to loved ones to name but a few. Those that are existing landlords can still get financing on their existing UK properties, refinance their current secured loans or raise funds for new UK properties.

When some British ex-pats move abroad, they may simply keep their home here and rent it out as an additional source of income.

The client would need to seek “consent to let” from their current lender, or they can obtain an official Buy-to-Let mortgage if consent is not granted.

Again, West One can help if the Expat is an experienced UK property landlord with 12 months of experience. This is an excellent way for Expats to fund their new lifestyle, and as the value of their property increases, they can purchase additional properties to grow their net worth and increase their income.

Whether your client is a British Expat, non-UK citizen resident here or even living abroad, they can still apply for funding with West One. If they are looking to purchase an additional UK property, need to raise funds across an existing UK portfolio or refinance their current secured loans, please get in touch with one of our experts.

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