Regulated bridging loan

Our regulated bridging loans are simple finance secured against the borrower's main residence. 



  1. Regulated Residential Bridging
  2. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  3. Secured by first legal charges against property that is currently or will be occupied by their close family
  4. Borrower or family need to occupy at least 40% of the property

Use our simple table below to check out features and criteria for our regulated residential offering.

Regulated bridging loan secured against borrower's main residence.

Max LTV:



from 0.65%

Max charge type:



England, Scotland, Wales


12 months

Interest type:


  • Client's / immediate family primary place of residence.

  • An evidenced exit strategy from Day 1.

  • Minimum age – 18

  • Minimum loan size - £75k

  • Minimum term – 1 month

  • Scotland – mainland only