Agile underwriting allows for £1.31m complex commercial bridging loan


Bridging loans do require adaptation and adjustments throughout the application and underwriting process, meaning lenders must remain agile and able to make changes to focus on the best interests of the borrower.

This case study demonstrates West One’s proactive and agile approach to underwriting, as well as the team’s experience that allowed them to make the necessary decisions required to complete this complex case.

  • Loan value
  • Property Value

  • LTV
  • Rate
  • Loan term 
  • Application to completion:

The Client


Client had experience purchasing properties and operating hotels. Most of these projects became mainstream hotels while some properties were used as social housing accommodation.

The client initially intended on using three properties for security in this case.

The first security was the property which the client intended on purchasing. It was a former country house measuring at 27,552 sq feet, currently being used for social housing.

The second security was one of the client’s existing operational hotels under owner occupation, which included bars, a restaurant, and 16-bedrooms. This property measured at 18,213 sq feet.

Finally, a third property also owned by the client, (another hotel) consisting of 38 rooms with individual leases was going to be used for further security. However, for reasons expanded below this was not used when the deal was finalised.

The client was looking to purchase the first property mentioned and continue using it for social housing needs, but also add some structural improvements to it.

The challenge arose when the team identified that 10 of 38-rooms associated with the third security had not yet been surrendered, and due to the demand surrounding the first security mentioned, there was pressure on getting this case completed sooner rather than later.

The team would have required more time to get hold of the information behind the 10 rooms each with separate leaseholds, in order to get the full value of the security.

This would have resulted in additional time and have added further pressure on the client, as they could have potentially lost out on the property they were trying to purchase.

The internal team decided with the client that it would be better to remove the third security, reducing the available loan, but being able to complete the deal sooner.

The client, broker and internal team agreed that this would be a more beneficial step and the client was able to accept a lower amount and fill in any remaining costs in order to secure their desired property.

The team’s communication and service towards the client, combined with proactive decision-making and experience was key as they worked with the client to ensure this deal would be completed as soon as possible.

West One worked rigorously to ensure the correct solution was provided, meaning the client would not lose out on the property they wanted to secure.

The use of communication, calculative decision-making and service allowed this case to complete within the client’s best interest.



The team reduced the initial loan amount to £1.31m. Although this was a reduced amount, the client was provided with sufficient funding thereby avoiding the prospect of losing out on the property.


Client Testimonial


This was the brokers first case with West One, while there were no comments from the client specifically, the broker gave positive feedback on ‘West One’s second-to-none service’.