A manual underwriting process is better for you

Manual underwriting, it's common sense.

Many advisers and clients are left frustrated with their lender journey. Many would argue the root cause is a lack of common sense in assessing the case.

However, did you know that at West One our process and manual underwriting applies a common-sense approach to all cases, from handling a complex limited company portfolio to the straightforward buy to let purchase or remortgage where one of our experienced team of underwriters offers an individual assessment of every case on its own merit, looking for the best outcome for you and the client?

How can you help? Provide as much information and package the application with the basic requirements for the case to be assessed without delays using a simple checklist via this link click here.

To find out more about our products and service please talk to a member of our broker support team on 0333 1234 556 or email btlbrokersupport@westoneloans.co.uk.