We offer products for HMO properties up to 10 bedrooms

So far this year we have seen that an area of Buy to Let showing sustained demand is the HMO market.

Many experienced landlords are attracted to the HMO lettings market due to the potential of achieving higher than average rental yields.

But what about the First Time Landlord, can they start out with an HMO as their first rental property?

Well did you know that at West One Buy to Let we offer products for licensed HMO properties up to 10 bedrooms, not only for the experienced landlord, but we also accept applications for HMO properties from the First time Landlord.

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So if you have clients looking to purchase or re-mortgage an HMO property, experienced or first-time landlord or if you simply wish to discuss anything else Buy to Let, then please speak to us at West One by calling our broker support team on 0333 123 4556 or email: btlbrokersupport@westoneloans.co.uk