We’re experts in Limited Company transactions

It was recently reported that 2020 saw a record number of new limited companies set up to hold Buy to Let properties.

Where do you go for expert help with applications for your limited company clients?

Well, did you know that West One Buy to Let can expertly handle the complexity around limited company property transactions, and here are a few key reasons to consider West One Buy to Let first:

  • Existing or newly formed limited companies are acceptable with no minimum trading period required
  • No trading companies however will consider day one SPV with property specific set up
  • Flexible number of SIC codes are accepted providing they relate to property investment, management or development
  • No rate loading for limited company applications
  • Rental calculation for limited company is 125% (135% for HMO and MUB property types) stressed at pay rate on ALL 5 year fixed products
  • Ability to access greater levels of borrowing, with maximum exposure limit now at £5m per borrower (please refer if above £3m) for borrowers who meet our W1 credit criteria

So if you have clients looking to purchase or re-mortgage properties held in their limited company, need a new lender for their portfolio or wish to discuss anything else Buy to Let, then please speak to us at West One by calling our broker support team on 0333 123 4556 or email:             btlbrokersupport@westoneloans.co.uk