£4.8m Development Finance in 20 working days

If you are looking to raise funds for a new development, it can take time for lenders to process the application and get a decision. West One strive to give their customers a quick decision and follow on with a fast release of funds to get their projects off the ground. This case study demonstrates how one customer was able to get their development finance facility in only 20 working days.


  • Loan value
  • LTV
  • Development value
  • Loan term
    18 months (12-month build, 6-month sales period)


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The client

The client was an experienced borrower who had completed several schemes prior to this development.



The developer had purchased a plot of land located in a village in Buckinghamshire and planned to build 6 new flats on the site, consisting of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms.

The developer wanted to start the build as soon as possible and needed a quick decision and a fast completion.

The most suitable product for this client was a development finance facility.

By working at speed within the team and by being clear and concise with the underwriters, we were quickly able to offer the developer the funds they needed to get the build started.

We have a very agile approach, and a team of construction and finance experts that work together combining years of knowledge and experience to achieve a fast, seamless completion for our clients.


By coming to West One, the developer quickly received the development finance funds needed and was able to get started on the build without any stress or delay.

We are proud that our customers continue to return to us because of the quick, reliable and personal service they receive.